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Call the toll-free number for your location to contact CRM On Demand Customer Care:

United States & Canada:
Toll Free: 866-853-8521 or 1-512-501-7113
Mexico: 001-866-678-9037
Australia: 0011-800-08538521 Netherlands: 0800-022-6451
China: 10800-130-1178 New Zealand: 0800-447171
Belgium: 0800-7-5630 Pakistan: 00-800-01-001-866-435-7705
France: 00-800-08538521 Philippines: 1800-1-111-0178
Germany: 00-800-08538521 Spain: 00-800-08538521
Hong Kong: 001-800-08538521 Singapore: 001-800-08538521 | Direct Access: +65 643 61003
India: 000-800-100-1148 Taiwan: 00801-10-4139
Indonesia: 001-803-1-002-0896 Thailand: 001-800-11-002-0896
Italy: 00-800-08538521 Sri Lanka Colombo: 2-430-430-866-435-7705
Japan: 010-800-08538521 Sri Lanka (outside Colombo): 112-430-430-866-435-7705
Korea: 00798-1-1-002-0896 United Kingdom: 00-800-08538521
Luxemburg: 800-2-6576
Vietnam: 1-201-0288-866-435-7705
Malaysia: 1-800-81-3753
Important Dialing Instructions: All numbers listed above for countries outside of the United States & Canada are UIFN (Universal International Freephone Numbers). Please dial all numbers exactly as listed. These numbers are freephone and subsequently will not cause any charges to our customers.

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